Ward Andrews Centre for Children and Their Families
Ward Andrews Centre for Children and Their Families 

COVID updated 27/05/22

Assessment Service 


The Assessment Team is continuing to take referrals and are working with increased hygiene measures in place and some remote working.



Contact Service 


The rules on social distancing and wearing masks has been updated by central governmant. 


in light of this we have also adapted our practice and are keeping some elements that have worked well whlst rejecting others.


We no longer require parents to waer masks and have reintroduced a manual signing in proceedure. We are asking all service users to continue to sanitise or wash their hands when entering the building and we are still restricting the numbers of people in the building by asking parents to wait outside when collecting their children. We will contine to use outside space as much as possible subject to risk assessment.


If anyone has symptoms of a contagious illness then we are asking them to not attend the centre this includes sickness bugs, chicken (or monkey) pox, colds and flu that involve serious symptoms including a temperature. In terms of children if they are well enough to attend school or nursery then they are well enough to attend contact. 


The Contact Team





All Staff have been vaccinated






Covid procedure March 2021
COVID 19 safety proceedure .docx
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National Association of Child Contact Centres
Naccc COVID Lockdown guidance 03.11.2[...]
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